Luxury Blog Roundup

A personalized bust, Lindsey Davenport's estate, and the perfect beach chair

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Here's what's happening in the world of luxury blogs:

Fiat Centro Stile and Mattel have joined forces to offer a new Fiat 500 model dedicated to Barbie, which celebrates the iconic fashion doll's 50th birthday. Beware of the shockingly bright pink color. [Luxuo]

Tennis great Lindsey Davenport is selling her Southern California estate for a mere$5.5 million. The Ventura home overlooks the ocean and has 2,000 square feet of living space—plus tennis courts, natch. [Blavish]

If you've always wanted a customized bust of yourself, look no further. That is, if you have over $70,000 to burn. The sculpture is made of bronze, precious metals, glass, and gemstones. [Luxury Reviewer]

Czech piano maker Petrof, known for crafting beautiful wood grand pianos, has found orders plummet over the past year and will focus on producing luxury kitchen furniture and other home décor items. [Luxist]

This isn't your flimsy beach chair. "Summer Cloud" is a lounge chair that can also double as an art sculpture. It includes a 360-degree adjustable fabric roof that swivels so you can enjoy the ultimate lounging experience. [Born Rich]