Dockers Unveils Shakable iPhone Ad

The innovative format allows users to interact directly with the brand.

Docker's Shakeable iPhone Ad

Everyone talks about the iPhone's ridiculously cool applications—iBlackjack, Merriam-Webster search, Tic-Tac-Toe Squirrels vs. Chipmunks!—but now there's a new marketing experience that's sure to be the latest iPhone craze. Using the phone's popular motion-detection feature, apparel maker Dockers San Francisco believes it has created the first "shakable," motion-sensitive ad.

The advertisement, titled "Shakedown 2 Get Down," features Dufon, an urban street dancer from the Seattle dance group Circle of Fire. In between levels of game-play on apps such as iBasketball, iBowl, and iGolf, users are encouraged to shake their phones to get the Dockers-wearing Dufon to dance. The creative concept and filming were handled by interactive creative firm Razorfish in Seattle.

This revolutionary advertising format—allowing users to interact directly with the brand—is likely to catch the attention of Madison Avenue. "Dockers San Francisco is the first brand to fully utilize the iPhone's technology to deliver an interactive message within applications, which is still a relatively new channel for advertising," said Sherri Phillips, vice president of marketing for Dockers San Francisco.

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