AIG Bonus Recipients' Names Revealed

Pitchfork populism is all the rage these days.

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Pitchfork populism is all the rage these days. Take the Nationwide Chicago Tea Party protests that occurred late last month or next month's tedious planning for an even larger antistimulus movement, also known as the Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party. Discourse that claims to support "the people" over "the elites" has reached a high-pitched level as details about the $165 million payout for top executives at the ailing AIG have emerged over the past few days. And for many Americans—whose thoughts of their tax dollars falling into the hands of AIG's top executives have them downright furious—there's now something else to bite into: the names of some of the executives in the financial-products unit who accepted the bonuses. According to the New York Post , they all happen to live in Connecticut!

AIG compensation American International Group paid bonuses of $1 million or more to 73 employees, including 11 who no longer work for the company.

The three executives identified are James Haas, 47, executive vice president and the coleader of North American marketing; Douglas Poling, 48, the unit's general counsel, director, executive vice president, and chief administrative officer; and Jonathan Liebergall, 43, unit director and head of municipal finance.

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