Green Spas: What are the Benefits?

Green spas reduce exposure to synthetic chemicals, hazardous toxins, and airborne pollutants.

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There are several spas out there that are incredibly wasteful. Earlier this month I received a gift for two treatments at a popular spa in Washington D.C.; although I reaped the immediate physical benefits, I left disturbed by the excess use of water, a littering of plastic wrappers for ear buds and razors, and the unnecessary endless supply of towels and robes. I plan to book all future treatments with a green spa.

The main goal of a green spa is to reduce its environmental footprint while providing healing, aesthetic, and wellness services. Spas are increasingly making a concerted effort to go "green" by using environmentally friendly building materials and water-reclamation areas, and by saving energy with solar lighting.

Some other green practices already in place at spas: Recycling materials and seeking ways to reduce waste; using natural and organic skin care products, which are rich in antioxidants; using low-flow shower heads and toilets; and reducing exposure to synthetic chemicals, hazardous toxins, and airborne pollutants. In turn, spa goers can experience gentler treatments and feel more balanced and relaxed.

The Green Spa Network can help you find a green spa near you. Planet Green suggests that if you don't happen to live near a green spa, you can always call the spas in your area and ask them if they follow any of the principals laid down by the Green Spa Network.

Happy Earth Day!

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