How to Cut the Cost of Shaving

Razor companies try to get you to spend more, but it's not necessary.


The razor industry is constantly coming out with new razors that have multiple blades, moisturizing strips, batteries, and more. They might say this is so you can have a better shave but these improvements cost you money. Shaving can be expensive but there some ways you can cut the cost of shaving without getting your face cut up from a cheap razor.

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1. Shave less often.

This will depend on how fast your hair grows and what kind of appearance you need to maintain but shaving every other day works for many people. If you can’t do that try skipping shaving on your days off. Not only will this make your razor last longer your face (or other body parts) will appreciate the time off.

2. Make your razor last longer.

Many people report that drying their razor after each use makes it last longer. Some even report getting a year’s use out of a disposable razor. Your results will probably be less but still worthwhile. After using your razor just shake it out and blot dry on a towel or give it a quick dry with a hair dryer. Then store the razor somewhere dry, not in the shower and preferably not even in the bathroom.

3. Get your razors for free or cheap.

When manufacturers come out with a new razor they often have give away there razors online. Or they will have coupons that make the razor free or almost free. They can do this because once you have the razor you will most likely buy their expensive replacement blade cartridges. Keep your eyes open for these deals, you can often find them on coupon or deal sites. Also, look on eBay where you can often find razor refills for a fraction of the store price.

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4. Shave with a safety razor.

This will cost more to start but will eventually lead to long-term savings. This is because a safety razor should last you the rest of your life, the only money you will have to spend is on razor blades which are much cheaper than disposable razor refill cartridges. Many people feel that a safety razor gives them a much better shave in addition to saving them money. As an added benefit your not making as much waste as you would with disposable razors. The Art of Manliness has a good article that will help you get started shaving with a safety razor.

Following these tips should allow you to spend less on razors and cut the cost of shaving.

Andy Hough writes about frugality and living well on a small income at