10 Signs Your Date is a Financial Dud

Whether you just met or are dating, be sure to look out for these red flags.

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Despite the fact that money issues tend to be one of the main causes of breakups, many people miss the financial red flags when they are dating. Do you know if your date or significant other is a financial dud? Here are ten signs to watch out for.

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He Doesn’t Pay (Or She Never Offers to Pay)

News flash: chivalry is NOT dead. So ladies, if you are dating a guy who always fails to pay for your dates, start running and don’t look back. On the flip side, guys if your girl never offers to pay for dates at all, chances are when it comes to finances she isn’t a keeper.

One Word: Debt

Unfortunately, debt is very common nowadays, so some leeway on this is alright. However, if your date has been in debt for awhile and doesn’t seem to be doing anything to dig themselves out of the hole, they probably aren’t very motivated or responsible.

Splurging is Their Favorite Past Time

Splurging is ok on occasion. However, if you notice your date splurges on a consistent basis, that is a telltale sign that they have no clue how to manage money and that they do not know how to exercise self-control. Consistent splurging also shows a lack of imagination, since there are so many great ways to have classy dates on a budget.

They Don’t Know What an IRA or a 401(k) Are

You are never too young to start thinking about retirement (or saving for it). So if your date hasn’t the slightest clue about what an IRA or a 401(k) are, ask yourself this, do you really want to be with someone who doesn’t have basic financial literacy and isn’t thinking ahead?

They Lack Financial Goals

When you ask your date about what his or her goals are, if they don’t mention any financial goals such as buying a house or saving enough money to take their dream vacation, it’s not a good sign. Not having financial goals demonstrates a lack of foresight, and chances are you want to be with someone who has plans for their future.

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They Ask to Borrow Money From You

This is a HUGE no-no. If you ever have a date ask to borrow money from you, don’t just walk away, run as fast as you can. You should never have to play sugar momma or daddy to your date. Ever.

Frugality Isn’t Part of Their Routine

When the weekly ads come in the mail, does your date go through them or just toss them in the trash? On outings to the grocery store, will your date opt for products that are on sale or just buy whatever catches their eye first? Does your date look for online coupons or wait for a sale before making a major purchase? If your date isn’t making frugality part of their daily routine, he or she is a total financial dud.

They Fail to Hit the Tipping Sweet Spot

When you go out to eat, if your date doesn’t tip on the service you received, they are demonstrating a lack of financial savviness. Tipping too little on great service shows a lack of respect and stinginess while tipping too much on bad service may show they are financially incompetent or that they are trying too hard to impress you. Either way, you probably should reevaluate whether or not another date is necessary.

Get Rich Quick Schemes Are Their Solution to Making Money

Sure, making money and having money in the bank are great things. However, if your date is obsessed with get rich quick schemes, they are telling you two things: one that they are lazy and two that they have no understanding of how the world works. Do yourself a favor, go find someone with a brain in their head and a decent work ethic.

They Don’t Have an Emergency Fund

If your date doesn’t have a stash of money set aside for a rainy day, they are demonstrating blatant ignorance. With the way the economy is, everyone should have an emergency fund. It’s just common sense. Dating and relationships are tough, but by keeping your eyes peeled for these signs and making sure you don’t end up with someone who is a financial dud, you can make things a bit easier.

Ashley Jacobs is the college correspondent for personal finance blog Wise Bread. Follow her latest tweets on @CollegeCents.