How to Get Discounts on Salon and Spa Services

From online-only specials to package discounts, beauty businesses are trying to stay afloat by offering discounts of 15 to 50 percent or more.

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If a facial at the spa or a professional haircut always seem to be a luxury expense, you may be missing out on some great deals from local spa and salons in your area. From online-only specials to package discounts, local beauty businesses are trying to stay afloat by offering discounts of 15 to 50 percent or more on popular treatments. In some cases, the best deals aren’t even advertised.

Use these tips to get discounted rates on salon and spa services in your area:

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1. Pre-book your next appointment. Many spas and salons are willing to extend a discount on all services if you pre-book your next appointment on the day of your visit. The spa or salon benefits from having that next appointment slot filled without having to contact you or do any type of marketing. This discount isn’t always advertised--all you have to do is ask.

2. Request a sampler. If you’re new to the area or a new spa or salon has opened in town, ask about a “sampler” that includes a set of mini-services at a discounted price. Many spas and salons offer these as a way to attract new customers. For example, you can book a mini-facial, manicure, and pedicure at a day spa for a flat fee. The sampler price is usually much lower than a single service and might include a discount on your next full service.

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3. Check the social media networks. More and more spas and salons are now using social media marketing tools including Twitter and Facebook to offer exclusive deals and specials. Keep up with your favorite beauty spot by subscribing to their Twitter feed and adding a Facebook “Like” to your favorite pages. You can find coupons or online-only deals throughout the week to save on that next treatment.

4. Book a package. Booking two or more services on the same day may get you a discount of up to 15 percent of more. Many spas and salons offer a discount on multiple services and just like pre-booking, this special isn’t always advertised. If you’re planning on making it a spa day or want to get a series of treatments, ask the spa or salon manager for a discounted rate. Many will be happy to extend a discount just to get more business from you.

5. Look for local discounts. If you live in a city with many resort or destination spas, check the website or call the venue to ask about state resident rates. Destination spas like the Ritz-Carlton Grande Lakes in Orlando, Fla., offer 15 percent off all spa services for Florida residents. Other Orlando spas offer special “spa days” exclusively for locals, with up to 25 percent off services on certain days of the week. The savings can add up–especially if you’re planning to spend $100 or more for your spa day.

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6. Take advantage of spa week specials. Spa Week ( hits the major cities a few times a year and some spas run their own “spa week” where they offer a few services for $50 or $99. If you’ve been yearning for a luxury spa treatment at a premier destination in Miami, New York, Chicago, and other metro areas or are willing to travel to try something new, keep an eye out for Spa Week specials and book your appointment as soon as the announcement is made.

7. Get a membership. Membership and loyalty clubs can help you save up to 20 percent or more off your spa treatments throughout the year. Membership programs typically require you to pay a monthly fee so that you’re eligible for one or two “free” services. Your membership will also make you eligible to receive other spa treatments at a discounted rate the rest of the month. If you are a frequent spa-goer at a specific location, inquire about a membership program to save on costs.

8. Check daily deals sites. Daily deal sites including Groupon, LivingSocial, and other popular deals websites are helping spa and salon owners market their services with coupons for up to 50 percent off or more popular treatments. While this can be a hit-or-miss approach with some spas and salons, you can find some great deals on everything from massages and facials, to blow-outs and hair straightening treatments. Make sure you read the fine print to make the most of your coupon.

9. Book a series. From facials to hair removal, you may need to book several treatments to get the results you want. Booking a series or package of treatments might help you save up to 15 percent or more off each appointment. Don’t be afraid to ask about special pricing and discounts for certain spa treatments because these are often not advertised.

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