6 Mobile Apps to Keep You Sane During the Holidays

Whether you’re shopping for last-minute gifts or stocking up at the grocery store, take advantage of these handy apps.


If the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is already pushing your stress level through the roof, it may be time for some organizing and planning. Whether you’re shopping for last-minute gifts, hitting the mall during rush hour, or heading to the grocery store to stock up on holiday dinner ingredients, take advantage of some handy apps that will keep you on top of your game.

Here are six apps that can help you keep your sanity – and your cool – this busy holiday season:

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1. ShopSavvy for the best deal in town. Whether you’re hitting the Black Friday sales circuit or are starting to log in some Christmas shopping hours at the mall, make sure you’re making a wise decision on that next purchase by comparing prices at all retailers in the area. ShopSavvy helps you find the best price for a specific item within seconds. Just scan the bar code of the product you’re eyeing and the app will display the best price and retail location. This app can make it that much easier to save money on high-end purchases such as computers, televisions, electronics, and even designer clothing this holiday season–and might also eliminate buyer’s remorse.

2. ZipList to organize holiday grocery shopping. Meal planning and grocery shopping are usually at the top of the to-do list during the holiday season, so take advantage of a grocery list-making tool like ZipList. This app helps you create a weekly meal plan, organize your grocery list and even download coupons. You’ll find more than 300,000 recipes in the database – everything from pumpkin pie to special turkey gravy – right at your fingertips. You can also share your grocery list with family members so delegating tasks is a breeze.

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3. Parking in Motion for real-time parking updates. If parking in your city or town is a major source of stress during the holiday season, keep your sanity with the Parking in Motion app. It provides real-time and static parking information so you can track down an available stall or nearby parking garage with ease. The database is filled with more than 26,000 off-street parking locations and offers on-street data for more than 26 U.S. Cities. You can track down everything from points of entry, rates, hours of operation, and the number of spaces served. This app is only available for iPhones at this time.

4. eBay’s Auction App for bidding updates. EBay addicts can finally leave their computer and venture out to enjoy some holiday activities with the eBay Auction app. This app sends notifications when the bidder has been outbid and also makes it easy to make that purchase at lightning speed. The latest version includes mobile checkout with payment using eBay gift cards and coupons. Sellers can take advantage of more features, including importing details from a barcode of the item, uploading pictures from their mobile device, and keep track of listings and bids with a few taps of the screen.

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5. ShopSmart to maximize credit card rewards. If you’re planning on racking up some cash-back rewards with your holiday shopping rounds this season, make sure you’re making the most of bonus points and other rewards from various retailers with Billeo’s ShopSmart app. This app is perfect for those planning to make mega-purchases at a single retailer to earn cash back or rewards points. You can search for the rewards and discounts that are relevant to you and even manage daily deals so you’re spending those hard-earned dollars at the right retailer. This is another app that is only available on the iPhone or iPad at this time.

6. Gift Plan for gift list tracking. Sure, you can create a big long list of recipients for holiday gifts this season, but you can also make things easier on yourself with the Gift Plan app. This app lets you create a profile for each recipient and log information about the price range you want to spend, their personal tastes, and a big list of gift ideas. If you always end up with a few hard-to-shop-for people on your list, this app can make the whole gift searching process that much easier. This app is only available on the iPhone and iPad at this time.

Sabah Karimi is an award-winning Yahoo Contributor and WiseBread.com’s guide to the best travel reward cards.