Should You Quit Your Job to Follow Your Dreams?

Living out your dreams won't be easy, but it could be worth it.

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Do you want to quit your job to follow your dreams and live a life that you're passionate about? If so, are you waiting because you're uncertain of how things will go? Or maybe you're wondering if you'll be able to make it work financially?

Living out your dreams won't be easy, but it could be worth it. Continue reading and discover what the world is really like on the other side of the cubicle. 

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Why You Should Follow Your Dreams

If you have a dream, a passion, or a desire that needs to be fulfilled, then the only way to scratch that itch is by doing it. A dream can only take you so far, and there comes a time when the thinking is over and you simply have to live it out.

If you find the courage to take that first step--despite the uncertainty and fear that comes with it--then you'll benefit from experiences that are unique to the pursuit of passion.

Fulfillment. There is a satisfaction that comes from living out your dreams. There is a contentment that comes over you when you know that you're doing what you were meant to do at this very moment.

The only way to get past the "What If" questions is to get out there, take action, and do what you were meant to do. Fulfillment only follows action, not indecision. Surprise. Some of the best things in life are unexpected.

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One of the greatest benefits of following your dreams is that you never know where they may lead you. The mere act of reaching for more will set you on a path that leads to people and places that you never could have imagined in the beginning.

Sometimes the things you encounter along the journey are more valuable than the destination ever could be, but you can only discover them by taking a step into the unknown and chasing your passion.

Empowerment. The world as you know it--every little piece of society, business, and culture--was created by someone just like you. Another human who decided to go out and create reality rather than simply living in it.

When you follow your dreams and start to live the life you were meant to live, you realize that creating your own reality is actually possible. Right now, you are almost certainly underestimating the amount of potential inside of you. You have the ability to break out of the mold of everyday life create options for yourself.

Taking control of your situation--no matter how you do it--is incredibly empowering. When you build a life for yourself that didn't exist before, you realize that you have the power to create your reality. Take advantage of that power.

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Why You Shouldn't Follow Your Dreams

The idea of a dream can be fascinating and terrifying at the same time. In fact, sometimes the dream itself keeps us from taking action and pursuing it. And if you're the type of person that struggles to make tough choices, you might be better off staying put in your day job than creating your own.

You may be worried about the financial situation. Will I be able to make enough on my own to support myself or my family? Do I have enough saved up in the meantime to make the leap?

As someone who has faced those same issues, I can tell you that the money has a way of working itself out. When the pressure is on, you find a way to get paid.

The harder part is the daily grind. Are you willing to hold yourself accountable every day when you don't have your boss looking over your shoulder? Having the freedom to set your own schedule sounds nice in principle, but in reality it requires extreme discipline to be your own boss. Most people prefer to be told what to do rather than figure out what needs to be done.

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You will need to define your job, you will need to determine what the right thing is to do at this moment, and then you will need to do it. And you have to do those three things every minute of every day.

Sometimes we value the dream more than the result. We would rather imagine the possibilities than face the uncertainty of reality and make tough choices. This imbalance between dreaming and doing causes problems when it comes time to make your dream become a reality and these are no small challenges.

It takes a special person who is driven enough to succeed despite not having any resources, disciplined enough to hold themselves accountable when no one is watching, and balanced enough to focus on friends and family when their financial livelihood hangs in the balance. But if you want to follow your dreams and be successful, you'll have to do exactly that.

The bottom line. Like many things in life, succeeding on your own and living the life you dream about comes down to two things.

1. How bad do you want it? Do you want it bad enough to hold yourself accountable, overcome uncertainty, and make tough choices?

2. Can you get a little bit of luck?

You can control the first item. And if you work hard enough, the second one has a way of finding you.

So should you take the risk and follow your dreams? It's your life, it's your call, and it's your move. But I'll leave you with one thought: No matter how it works out, will you ever regret trying to build a life that you truly love? Sometimes it's not the outcome that matters, it's the decision to act.

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