Fun Times at Camp Millionaire

Financial literacy camp schools kids on budgeting and investing.


When I think of summer camp, a few things immediately come to mind: s'mores, campfires, free swim, war canoe, and ranch dressing (I went to camp in Texas).

Things I would never have encountered at camp include budgeting, investing, and lessons on how to improve my credit score. But that's the idea at Camp Millionaire in Santa Barbara, Calif., where campers learn how to rebalance portfolios, invest in real estate, and avoid pesky credit card fees. Over five days, campers set up an economy in miniature with mock currency that kids spend, invest, and use to pay hypothetical bills, according to this story in the Wall Street Journal. (The weeklong session runs from $279 to $300.)

Here's the best part: One kid returned from camp using phrases like "adversely affect your credit score." According to the story, he told his mother that she was racking up unnecessary fees on her credit card and that the mortgage on their home was too high for her income.

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