Google Worship Soars on Company's 10th Birthday

Stories muse: How did they do it, and what's next for the company?

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Here's a roundup of stories paying homage to Google in honor of the company's 10th birthday:

A Los Angeles Times Q&A features Marissa Mayer—Google's first female engineer—who talks about what the company will look like at 20. (She says it's looking at new ways to deploy ads and exploring paid services.)

In "The World's Most Powerful 10-Year-Old," the Associated Press includes a photo of Google's first employee, technology director Craig Silverstein, blissed out on a beanbag chair.

And the San Francisco Chronicle muses about Google's knack for "simultaneously striking fear and admiration in competitors while making information infinitely more accessible to hundreds of millions of people."

Meanwhile, a story on, "At 10-Year Mark, Google's Glossy Facade Shows Cracks," analyzes how the company is dealing with the transition "from hip startup to corporate giant."