Will Spore Give EA a Boost?

Much-hyped game could inject new life into company's ailing stock.

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I'll admit it: Spore is the first video or computer game I've been excited about since the original Super Mario Bros. A gamer I am not, but I just can't wait to create my own six-eyed creature (thanks to my boyfriend, the game—which came out Sunday—is in the mail).

BloggingStocks asks: "Are we witnessing the birth of a new, marketing-friendly super-franchise that will appeal to a broad demographic?" (If you're not familiar, I recommend checking out Forbes's list of things you should know about Spore.) In summary, BloggingStocks salutes the game but predicts that Spore won't move the needle on EA's stock (symbol ERTS).

In the Los Angeles Times, Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter estimates that EA needs to sell at least 1.6 million copies of Spore to recoup the $50 million it cost to make it. He tells the San Jose Mercury News that it wouldn't be a surprise if the company increased Spore's revenue by eventually charging players to add new capabilities to their creatures.

The company's stock, which fell 5 percent last week and is down almost 15 percent from a year ago, started trading today at $46.48.