Playboy Wants Laid-Off Wall Streeters to Bare All

Plus: Hefner empire's stock is dropping fast.


Headline writers are having a ball with Playboy 's announcement that it's looking to photograph current and former employees of the financial world for an upcoming credit crisis-themed feature, "Women of Wall Street."

Here are a couple of zingers:

"Playboy Looks for Bare Market on Wall Street"

"Playboy Offer: Show Us Your Distressed Assets"

Playboy Enterprises, a publicly traded company (stock symbol: PLA), is having financial troubles of its own, reports the Telegraph. The stock, which hit a high of $33 in May 1999, trades at just $3 today. It started the year at $9.

The magazine has played off financial headlines before, with "Women of Enron" and "Women of WorldCom," Reuters points out. But here's something I did not know: "Playboy and frequently run specials such as 'Girls of Olive Garden' and 'Women of Home Depot,' but in the past, it has garnered attention for big business news themes." I could sort of see how the Home Depot theme might play out, but Olive Garden?

The link for applications is at the end of the Reuters story. Click at your own risk.

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