Warren Buffett On Cabinet Spot: Call Jimmy

A business student asks Berkshire's CEO what his ideal position in the new administration would be.


At the annual one-day Buffett University (a day-long crash course for very lucky business students) a student asked Warren Buffett what his ideal position in Obama's administration would be.

Always the jokester, Buffett quipped, "My ideal position...is to be CEO of Berkshire...if I got called (and I didn't get called. Let's make that very clear. Nobody's asked me.) But if I got called to take a position, I think I would've said, 'Why don't you call Jimmy Buffett?' I've got the job I want in life, and if I can be helpful on anything, I can get my ideas in front of somebody. So there's absolutely no reason to change the perfect life I've got for something that I really wouldn't enjoy at all. But I admire the people who do it."

Watch the video here.