Afternoon Buzz: Tools for Investing Geeks

Plus: Broker pleads guilty to gambling his clients' mutual-fund money.

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I'm digging The Wallet's list of helpful tools and reference sites for investors. They include Morningstar for mutual-fund geeks, Mint for budgeteers, MarketGuru for social networkers, and Stockalicious for portfolio monitoring and sharing.

Check out this post from The Consumerist, "I Love the Recession Because Things That Suck Are Dying." The list include Harrah's, "the McDonald's of casino chains," Claire's, glass condo towers, and SUVs. And don't forget Sharper Image, Circuit City, and Linen's n' Things.

Netflix's finance chief says "The economy has been very much our friend." The company's shares are up 10 percent so far today.

In other news, an Arizona broker pled guilty to gambling $350,000 of his clients' mutual-fund money.

And finally! Slate's The Big Money is now in the LOL Cat business, LOLEconz.