Afternoon Buzz: Bailout Cheat Sheet

Plus: a guide to investing strategies for different time periods.

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It's tough keeping track of all the bailouts. Check out Slate's interactive cheat sheet on federal rescue packages, which includes the amount authorized, the amount spent, and a brief description of each.

Goodies from the WSJ:

Is the 401(k) system flawed?

Here's a quick guide to investing strategies for different time horizons. For example, for a medium-term timeline--2 to 5 years--one adviser says you should consider very low-cost index funds (In a market that's not likely to deliver dazzling returns, he says, do away with the risk that a real, live manager will underperform.)

Dealbook examines "Locavestors," people who invest in local businesses instead of giant conglomerates. Regional exchanges are springing up to help them do just that.

And finally, the fate of GE's coveted triple-A rating.