Investing Goodies: 2008's Biggest Financial Fiascos

Plus: Zipcar gets more competition.

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The Consumerist revisits the year's biggest financial snafus, which include some that are surely fresh on your mind, and others you may have forgotten, such as the time Countrywide honcho Angelo Mozilo replied to an email from a distressed homeowner, and calls his plea "disgusting."

After Yale disclosed that its endowment has fallen more than 13 percent between the end of June and the end of October, the university announced that it's going to do some belt-tightening.

Zipcar's getting more competition. Hertz is rolling out a very similar service, which will initially be available in New York, Park Ridge, N.J., London, and Paris, and it'll offer fun cars like the Toyota Prius and the Mini Cooper. I wrote about Zipcar's successful business model earlier this year.

And finally, here's why investors responded to yesterday's Fed rate cut with an "Eh."