Warren Buffett's Granddaughter Dishes About Family Friction

Nicole Buffett talks about how she got on the Oracle's bad side.

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Until the recent publication of his first authorized biography, Warren Buffett famously kept mum about family matters. Naturally, he wasn't pleased when his adopted granddaughter, Nicole Buffett, appeared in The One Percent, a 2006 documentary by Johnson & Johnson heir Jamie Johnson focusing on the offspring of the elite (see her in the trailer here.) On camera, she says, "Money is the spoke in my grandfather's wheel of life." Soon after, she went on Oprah.

Big mistake. Buffett sent her an icy letter that essentially disowned her.

Now, Nicole is talking to Marie Clare about their falling out and how self-reliant she is: getting by on $40,000 a year by selling paintings (might her name have anything to do with that?) She also makes a dig at the Oracle for mailing sizable Christmas checks to his other grandchildren, to which she says, "probably he's rewarding them for behaving."