Some Aren't Buying Steve Jobs' Hormone Imbalance

Dealbreaker, for one, is not convinced.


Steve Jobs' announcement today that a hormone imbalance is the root of his health problems doesn't fly, so says Dealbreaker:

Personally, with all due respect to Jobs, I suspect the mock turtleneck is being pulled over our eyes. "Hormone imbalance"? Please. Sorry, not buying it. I don't know how we're being lied to--he may not actually be dying, and in fact "hormone imbalance" sounds very pre-op, voluntary, and the first step toward Stephanie Jobs--but we're not yet convinced this is the full story. As an aside, it's heartening to see the Apple CEO is still feeling himself, as evidence by the last line of the following letter, which strikes the typical Jobsish dismissive tone. Take comfort in that.

Here's the last line of the letter:

So now I've said more than I wanted to say, and all that I am going to say, about this

Zing. Here's the full press release. Of course, Apple fans are praying for a surprise Jobs appearance at the Macworld Expo this week.