Music Industry: CDs, Album Sales Fall Further

Digital, vinyl sales are bright spots; bad news for the classical, country, and Latin genres.


The Big Picture posted some telling figures on the music industry today, including the fall in overall album sales and the rising popularity of the digital format (data via Pollstar):

  • Total album sales fell to 428.4 million units, a drop of 8.5%  (2007 = 500.5 million).
    • Physical album sales fell 20% to 362.6 million (from 450.5 million)
      • Digital album sales rose 32% percent to 65.8 million units;
        • Digital track sales were up 27%, breaking the 1 billion mark for the first time at 1.07 billion.
          • Total transactions rose 10.5% to 1.5 billion;
            • All Genres saw losses: Classical music dropped 26%; Country fell 24%; Latin was off 21.1%;
              • Vinyl album sales also grew with 1.88 million vinyl albums purchased for the year.