Mark Cuban Proclaims 3D Movies 'The LSD of 2009'

Mavericks owner has stakes in Landmark Theaters and Carmike Cinemas.

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Gadget blog Crunchgear interviewed Mark Cuban yesterday. Subject: 3D entertainment. Cuban, who co-owns Landmark Theaters and recently bought 9.4 percent of Carmike Theaters stock, talked up the future of 3D in cinema, in colorful terms:

"No matter what demographic you’re in, there’s a reason to go try something new, whether it’s 3D, whether it’s live broadcasts — it’s all interactive. Whether you’re sitting in front of a PC screen or a laptop or a digital projection in a theater, you’re still going to be able to text, you’re still going to have real-time discussion groups, you’re still going to be able to e-mail back and forth and interact. It’s just a different out-of-home experience...We’re not going to all just turn into little hermits and hibernate, it’s just more of an issue of giving people the right reason to get out of the house...You know, we did a live Mavs game this past March in 3D and I can just tell you, it’s crazy. It is crazy. It’s the LSD of 2009!"