Steve Jobs' Leave of Absence: The Plot Thickens

Apple's statements on his health issues were true, but perhaps misleading.


Steve Jobs told Apple employees today that he's taking a leave of absence through June to focus on his health issues. Here's the full text.

In his Apple Unvarnished column, Mitch Wagner compares Apple's handling of Jobs' health problems to the Clinton administration's handling of the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Apple has been making statements that were "literally true," Wagner says, "but ultimately misleading. That's going to have Apple watchers taking a microscope to every statement and action by Apple to find out what the company really means."

You can pretty much count on that. Bloggers haven't been buying what Apple's been selling. Heck, even endocronologists are skeptical. It seems that investors are, too: Apple's stock dropped 10 percent after the news broke.