Circuit City Liquidation: Shareholders Out of Luck

Company says it doesn't expect any value to remain for shareholders.

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Unfortunately for investors in Circuit City, which is going after approval to liquidate the company, there doesn't look to be any remaining value for common-stock shareholders.

Circuit City's stock, which traded around $20 in January 2007 and $4 in January 2008, is worth virtually nothing today. If you're interested in background, check out The Consumerist's posting of "The Decline and Fall of Circuit City" graph.

Mutual-fund investors shouldn't worry. According to Morningstar, as of September 30, the few mutual funds that still held the stock had a small number of shares.

Wednesday, TCW, the company's largest shareholder, shed 18 million shares of the company yesterday, dropping its stake from nearly 11 percent to 0.2 percent.