Mardi Gras Parties On Despite Recession

Organizers: Leave your troubles behind on Fat Tuesday, but don't get sassy.


Sinking investments got you down? New Orleans has a solution: Mardi Gras!

"It's the perfect place to forget your problems and have fun!" (Those words are straight from the Big Easy.)

The price of beads has increased, krewe membership fees are up and corporate sponsorships are down, but Mardi Gras is still marching on, reports USA Today: This year, only three of the 49 parades in the area have been canceled (interestingly, the story says, Mardi Gras has only been canceled 13 times. Those included the Civil War and a yellow fever epidemic.) Bead store sales are picking up, and costume stores say it's business as usual.

If you do plan to go, the official site offers some helpful tips for party animals:

  • Don't be sassy or contrary
  • Don't get overly drunk, be obnoxious, or behave irrationally in public (ha)
  • No risqué behavior elsewhere. In other words, keep it in the French Quarter--don't go crazy at the Popeye's drive-thru.