MIT Professor: Stocks are Too Risky

Zvi Bodie thinks stock investors should lock in those losses by selling.


There are many who say now is the time to buy stocks. The time to double-down, in fact!

And there are others who say sell. MIT Sloan School of Management's visiting professor Zvi Bodie is in that camp:

According to a Sloan news release, "Bodie likens those holding onto stocks now to Las Vegas gamblers who lost big but are staying at the table and trying to win it back."

"My attitude is, 'I lost 40 percent, I'm going to walk away,'" he said.

So where should investors put their money? Bodie recommends inflation protected government bonds or similar instruments.

Many would argue that his suggestion to dump stocks now is exactly what you shouldn't do. Here's a good argument for why it's time to up your allocation to stocks, not decrease it.