Seduced By Mykonos

This romantic Greek island is a place worth lingering.

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Mykonos is a place where you can sit with a coffee or drink and soak up the culture for hours. At least, that’s how Petra, a fellow traveler I recently met, describes the appeal of Mykonos.

Kathleen Peddicord
Kathleen Peddicord
Approaching the island from the sea, it’s every picture-postcard you’ve ever seen of a Greek island come to life. Small, white, cube-shaped houses with wooden shutters of turquoise and aqua climb the hills and create a pleasing contrast against the ink blue Aegean all around. It would be cliché if it weren’t so dramatically pretty.

Coming ashore, you find a labyrinth of twisting, winding roadways of stone. This time of year, these narrow lanes are nearly impassable for the tourist crowds. Others from our shore tender stepped onto the island and turned left, so my husband, Lief, and I went right. We looked over the edge of the small cliff we passed to see two local fishermen working hard to keep the seagulls at bay while they scooped up their morning catch, destined, I’d imagine, for restaurants just around the corner.

Then we were in Little Venice, where the stone passageways are lined with shops and galleries, one more bijou than the other. Mykonos attracts the global jet-set, and the shops of Little Venice supply it with silver jewelry and contemporary art.

Lief and I wandered and shopped for a couple of hours, then agreed it was time to indulge in the other, perhaps even more popular pastime on Mykonos – sipping a cocktail at one of the open-air restaurants along the harbor front. Mykonos is a place to see and be seen, and these restaurants provide front-row seats for the catwalk.

Athens is under the cloud of “the crisis,” but on Mykonos the sky is clear blue, the sun is bright and tourists are everywhere. Among them, from our harbor-front perches, we picked out chicly dressed passers-by, the fashionistas this island is known for, walking arm in arm.

Around us in the seaside restaurant, couples sat close, snuggling, kissing as the sun began its descent for the day. If you weren’t in love when you arrived here on Mykonos, you likely would be by sunset. The atmosphere is seductive.

Lief and I can’t rationalize sticking around, but, if one were looking for a place to run away for a while, in retirement or otherwise, Mykonos might be just the ticket. As Petra said, you could be entertained here doing nothing for hours, and perhaps much, much longer than that.

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