Lessons From the Mets' Historic Collapse...Again

Failing to cross the finish line twice in a row would call for change in any career.

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Andrew G.R.
For the second consecutive season, the New York Mets have failed in the clutch, coughing up an opportunity to advance to the playoffs. This has led sports pundits and media talking heads to speculate on personnel changes, even a full-blown team overhaul. As sports fans are already aware, this is highly unlikely because (a) players are bound by contracts, (b) good talent is hard to find, and (c) the Mets will fill the stadium next year regardless of who is on the team.

Good leaders never point fingers (at least publicly), but they are able to identify the problem and repair it. Only fools make the same mistake over and over again. And unfortunately for the Mets and their ownership, they are repeat offenders. Sure, several changes were made: a new midseason manager, rookie call-ups, and the signing of an absolute stud of a pitcher in Johan Santana. And yes, they were plagued by injuries (but what team isn't?). The bottom line is that the core of the team is the same and so is the result.

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Sports franchises are notorious for speaking in nothing but clichés. All we hear about is how the guys put forth a great effort and it's a team sport. It's a sure bet that if YOU fell short of an essential work goal twice in a row, you would hear about it and possibly even lose your job.

Sometimes the root of the problem isn't evident, yet upper management wants—no, demands—a solution. That means things get shaken up, even when a stir might make things worse.

What are your thoughts on change for the sake of change at the office? How do you identify when it's time for a personnel shift even when your roster is littered with star power?

Perhaps a new stadium will be enough for the Mets in '09. Maybe a bullpen that can shut the door. We won't know until next year. And this disgruntled New York Yankees fan is wearing his Florida Marlins hat today.

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