Finish the Year With Gratitude

Practice a habit of Thanksgiving.

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Curt Rosengren
Editor's Note: Curt Rosengren typically posts on Thursdays.

When it comes to pursuing success in your career (and your life, for that matter), what's going on between your ears is as important as what's going on around you. Your mind shapes your outlook on life, creating the lens through which you see the world.

Thursday was Thanksgiving, a day that for most of us means turkey, family get-togethers, and football and parades on TV. It comes and goes, and life goes back to normal. But what if you used your Thanksgiving to kick off an effort to consciously shape what's going on in your mind? What if it became Day One of an exploration of gratitude?

Research has shown that a focus on gratitude can have a significant effect on your well being, both psychologically and physically. One great way to focus your attention on being thankful is to keep a gratitude journal.

Try this: Starting today, finish the year with gratitude. Challenge yourself to keep a daily journal from now through the end of the year, shining a light on the things in your life you're thankful for. You don't need to write pages and pages. Each entry might be as simple as a short list. The key is to do it. Here are some questions to get you started.

Now more than ever, we need the ability to be resilient and stay positive. Creating a gratitude habit is a great way to start.

What are you grateful for?

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