Dear Santa: Please Bring Better Jobs

Why are things "tight" for mom and dad this year?

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GL Hoffman
Dear Santa,

What's up with Wii? Why can't they just make more? Some kids at school were asking that question, and I thought you might know the answer.

Mom and Dad need a new car—right now the old one is just parked in the driveway and Mom has to take Dad to work. It is waaay out of the way. And all they talk about in the car is money. Please send them some more money so they will talk to me, too.

They said that you might not bring me many presents this year. Why is that? I have been extra good all year. Mostly. Maybe they are kidding me, but it sure seems like not. 

We are not even going on the airplane to see Grandma and Grandpa. I talk to them on the phone, though, and they seem all right. Grandma said things are tight all over this year. Can you make things less tight for them? 

All in all, I had a pretty good year. Third grade is much easier than my sister said it would be. I am studying hard and paying attention, just like you told me to do last year. 

I did learn one thing. When I grow up, I want to love what I do at work all day long. Mommy and Daddy don't, and I feel sad for them. 

Can you send them a good job somehow, some way? Don't tell them it was from me.

G.L. Hoffman is a serial entrepreneur and venture investor/operator/incubator/mentor. Two of his companies have traveled the entire success path from the garage to IPO. Currently, he is chairman of JobDig and his blog can be found at or at