I'm Just Sayin': Holiday Musings From the Chairman

G.L. Hoffman shares his musings on careers, storytelling, and advice giving.

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GL Hoffman
. . . Over the holidays, a lot of job talk will be going on, with 85 percent of you worrying way too much about your résumé. Résumé work is No. 5 on the priority list. 

. . . Reworking your résumé as a first step is like spending too much money in your start-up on logos and business cards. 

. . . If your adult kids are home for the holidays, resist giving them advice all the time. Just enjoy their presence. 

. . . Sometimes kids just want you to listen. No advice, please.

. . . If you really hate your job, don't go on and on about it at home. I don't care if it makes you feel good to "vent." 

. . . Why is it that parental advice given freely is always suspect? 

. . . Isn't it interesting that the memory of kids being home is better than them actually BEING home? Just kidding, I'm talking about the mess they create. 

. . . Have you noticed how your family telling old stories seems to be the staple of holiday conversations? As in: "Remember when Uncle Curly's pants fell down when he tried to sing Jingle Bells?" Lesson: Tell quick stories in job interviews to make clearer, more concise points. 

. . . Dads, have you noticed this? The point in time at which adult children ask if you want to split the lunch or dinner tab makes you feel so proud of them to be almost silly to repeat. 

. . . Simple things get noticed more at holiday time. At the bird feeder now, those little "brown ones." I hope I get an Audubon book for Christmas. (Credit to someone I follow now on Twitter.) Twitter/myname 

. . . It is becoming even more apparent to me that my young adult kids are way more perceptive, yes—smarter than me. I wonder if my parents felt the same way. 

. . . I am betting the economy will get turned around faster than "they" think. I keep saying this, but even close friends pat my head like they do on the golf course, when they say, "Good one, it almost reached the ladies' tee that time." 

. . . Job seekers don't understand their own skills. I just coached a young woman who was on one of those national reality TV shows and she wondered if she should mention it on her résumé. She didn't think she had any sales experience. Hel-lo? Sometimes it is the most obvious thing that we overlook.

G.L. Hoffman is a serial entrepreneur and venture investor/operator/incubator/mentor. Two of his companies have traveled the entire success path from the garage to IPO. Currently, he is chairman of JobDig , an employment media company which also owns LinkUp.com. His new book is DIG YOUR JOB, the Not-So-Serious Career Handbook. He blogs at WhatWouldDadSay.com.