Why Gen X vs. Gen Y vs. Boomers = BS

Generational labels and culture wars ought to be a thing of the past.


Millenials, the once pejorative term that has morphed into a positive label adopted by so many blogs (many of which I have the utmost respect for), is absolute BS.

Whether you're a "boomer" or a member of Generation X, Y, or Z--we are not each other's competition.  At least no more so than we are within our respective generational capsules.  Members of each group are essential at every job.

What would the office be without the benign and crusty old-timer; or the still wet behind the ears know-it-all rookie?  I'm not suggesting that differing advice may not be applicable to each group, but I do think the whole thing is overblown; nothing more than career Websites honing in on a niche.  In an overcrowded blogosphere, it seems many people would have you believe one generation is dramatically different than another when it comes to the world of work. There are plenty of Gen Y-ers who are not microblogging their way through work, hands out, waiting to get what they deserve. In the same way, all Gen X-ers are not selling their old Pearl Jam CD's to keep up with Gen Y.

We don't all have to be labeled. I won't be labeled.

It remains to be seen whether President Obama will usher in the change and unity so many Americans are desperate for. But I would implore the same folks who are chanting "change" in unison to remember that in the workplace, we are one.

We all love our parents.  We all get hired and fired.  We all occasionally suffer from the Sunday Night Blues
If we are to believe that age is just a number, what good does it do to divide ourselves up into teams sorted by generation?  After holding down various media jobs, including stops at MTV Networks and Fox News, Andrew G.R. was completely discouraged—not only about his own career but also about the lack of job resources that truly spoke to him. Enter Jobacle, the employment blog and podcast designed to Make Work Better.


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