The Easy Way of the Pessimist

If you're looking for evidence to support positive or negative beliefs--you'll find it.

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Curt Rosengren
For many people, looking at others who have successfully created a career that lights them up is an inspiration. It helps them think, “If they can do it, I can too.”

For others, it prompts them to start making excuses. “Sure, they can do it,” they think. “They didn’t have all the obstacles I have.” Somebody who is poor might look at someone who successfully pursued their dreams and say, “Sure, it was easy for them. They had lots of money. I’m broke.” While someone who is wealthy might look at someone else and say, “Sure, they could do it. They didn’t have all the obligations and commitments I have.”

The fact is, if you’re looking for reasons you can’t pursue your passion, you’re in luck. There’s no shortage of them. And you can always support that story by finding ways that others who have created the life they want to live had something you don’t.

But that’s not the full picture. You can also find reasons why you can pursue your passion, and reasons why your dreams are possible. And you can always find people who have had to overcome far greater obstacles than you have on the path to success.

In the end, it depends on where you focus. There are always reasons why you can’t, and there are always reasons why you can. There is always somebody with an easier time, and there is always somebody who has been up against more than you.

You get to choose what story you want to tell – one of pessimism, or one of possibility.

After years as a professional malcontent, Curt Rosengren discovered the power of passion. As a speaker, author, and coach, Rosengren helps people create careers that energize and inspire them. His book 101 Ways to Get Wild About Work and his E-book The Occupational Adventure Guide offer people tools for turning dreams into reality. Rosengren's blog, The M.A.P. Maker, explores how to craft a life of meaning, abundance, and passion.