Try Using Twitter to Find a Job

In developing your network for a job search, the bigger the better.

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Karen Burns
If you’re looking for a job, the bigger your network, the better. That’s why Twitter, originally a micro-blogging “toy,” has become the newest hottest job search tool. Twitter is like an enormous, 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week networking party. Join the party, strike up some conversations, and watch your network multiply.

As at any party, you need to be both engaged and engaging. Make intelligent comments, share tips and links, respond to calls for info and feedback—talk to people—and you will soon build a respectable list of followers.

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No longer does your network have to consist only of former bosses and professors, neighbors, family, and friends. On Twitter your network can include the CEOs or hiring managers of companies you’d like to work for, journalists and authors who write about your industry, top recruiters, and the “thought leaders” in your field—not just locally but worldwide.

Yes, you can hear about job leads on Twitter, before they’re announced elsewhere. You can learn about emerging industry trends. Most of all, you can form working relationships with your professional counterparts—people who just may lead you to your next job.

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Twitter is a relatively easy way of staying on the radar of a great many people. Sure, it takes a bit of time. But on Twitter you can create instant exposure, build credibility, and brand yourself as a top talent.

Learn to be pithy and smart in 140 characters and you may attract the attention of potential employers, and even become a “thought leader” yourself.

Karen Burns, Working Girl, is the author of The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl: Real-Life Career Advice You Can Actually Use. She blogs at