The Hidden Advantages for Small Businesses in a Recession

What the recession has in common with Jurassic Park

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Dawn Rivers Baker
Dawn Rivers Baker

How many 12-year-old girls do you know who would be able to boot up a Unix system of networked computers that could lock the doors and keep the raptors out?

That's the thing about movies, isn't it? The people who get into trouble often have the precise set of skills and characteristics to get them out of trouble.

But occasionally, real life imitates art. When there's trouble, those with the right skills flourish and those without them perish. Same principle but with higher casualty rates.

The current recession is a case in point. If you've been reading all the how-to-survive tips circulating in the business news and the blogosphere, then you'll know about the predictions. Firms that are innovative and nimble, cost-efficient and good at bootstrapping, have the best prognosis right now.

And, coincidentally, those happen to be things that microbusinesses on the whole do well.

In some ways, you might consider it to be a competitive advantage that all times are lean times for microbusinesses. It's just the way they operate.

That can frequently be inconvenient, but in times like these, it can go a long way toward keeping the raptors at bay.

Dawn Rivers Baker is the award-winning journalist behind The MicroEnterprise Journal, the online business newsweekly that covers politics and policy, the economy, and research for and about microbusinesses. Baker also blogs at The Journal Blog.

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