Obama Has a Message for Business Owners

A new president means a new day for small businesses.

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Dawn Rivers Baker
Dawn Rivers Baker
So, do you feel any different?

This week, Barack Obama took the oath of office, became the unhyphenated 44th President of the United States, and will now saddle up his Juggernaut of Change for its date with destiny.

Meanwhile, you and I have businesses to run.

But it's worth pausing for just a moment to contemplate the shift in direction that so many of us have been longing for and, thus, voted into office last November.

This might have been a good time to ponder a certain question. "So, which way are we going now, Mr. President?"

It seems the answer to that question may be found in his Inaugural Address. No drama (he hopes) and no miracles, either. Hard work. Service. Honesty. Fair play. Community.

Out of many, we are one.

That's meaty stuff and, as microbusiness owners, there's a lot we can do with it.

And this, I think, is a good place to start: stop apologizing. Stop being embarrassed because you value those traditional American characteristics that the new President evoked yesterday afternoon. You don't have to want to build an empire. It's more important that you want to build a life and a community.

If we are to judge this historical moment by the words of President Obama, we are exactly what our nation needs right now.

Dawn Rivers Baker is the award-winning journalist behind The MicroEnterprise Journal , the online business news weekly that covers politics and policy, the economy, and research for and about microbusinesses. Baker also blogs at The Journal Blog.