Is the Office Obsolete?

Coworking is a major new trend.

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Steve King
Steve King
One indicator that a social or business trend is entering the mainstream is the publication of books on the topic.

The release of the book I'm Outta Here: How Coworking Is Making the Office Obsolete is a clear signal that coworking is spreading.

Coworking office facilities combine the structure and social environment of corporate office space with the flexibility of working from home. They have desks to rent, conference rooms, Internet access, and office equipment. Most of the facilities rent space by the day, week, month, or year.

They appeal to freelancers, entrepreneurs, telecommuters, and other laptop nomads who are tired of working at home alone or in crowded and noisy coffee shops.

And unlike traditional office suites, coworking facilities provide a community of like-minded people to collaborate and socialize with.

Written by coworking industry pioneers Drew Jones, Todd Sundsted, and Tony Bacigalupo, I ' m Outta Here covers the people, places, and trends that are creating this workplace revolution.

Not just for independent workers, the book also covers the growing trend of corporations reducing their office space and experimenting with telecommuting, hoteling, and other forms of remote work. This is leading to an increase in the number of corporate employees using coworking facilities.

I'm Outta Here is quick and easy to read and useful for anyone freelancing, working from home, or telecommuting.

For more on coworking, including a list of coworking facilities, visit the Coworking Community Blog.

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