Ranking Retirement Spots

Great places for golfers, intellectuals, and nature lovers.

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I regularly get E-mails from readers recommending great places to retire. But seldom do I get two endorsements for the same town. Using our Best Places to Retire database, U.S. News has created a series of lists of great places to retire reflecting the varied interests of our readers. Check some of them out below.

  • 10 Best Outdoorsy Places to Retire
  • 10 Great Retirement Spots for Golf Nuts
  • The 10 Brainiest Places to Retire
  • 10 Greenest Places to Retire
  • 10 Bargain Retirement Spots
  • 10 Retirement Spots to Get You Started
  • Readers Offer Their Own Retirement Spots
  • You can also create a personalized list of great retirement spots using your own criteria here.