Baby Boomers Don't Deserve Retirement?

Columnist says retirement is a privilege, not a right.

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Americans who have been paying into the Social Security system their entire working lives have definitely earned their due. But with an average benefit of about $13,000 a year, retirement may not be especially comfortable if it's not topped off with other savings or a pension.

In a column that seems designed to incite baby boomers who are dreaming of—but woefully unprepared for—retirement, former financial adviser Robert Brokamp argues that Americans who haven't been looking out for themselves don't deserve a retirement. He writes:

I have some news for you, folks: You are not entitled to a retirement. It's not in the Constitution. It's not in the Bill of Rights. It's not in the Bible (except for that one time in Numbers 8:25, and that was only for the Levites). Retirement is something you earn...

Not only are you not entitled to a retirement—you don't deserve a retirement. By "you," I mean the average American—which could mean you specifically if you're doing an average job of planning for your retirement.

His reasons why the average American doesn't deserve a retirement: You don't save enough, you don't even know how much you need to save, and you have a lousy portfolio.

Tell us, do baby boomers deserve to retire?