Geraldo Rivera, 65, Has No Plans to Retire

The veteran newsman plans to work until age 70.

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At age 65, Geraldo Rivera doesn't consider himself close to retirement. "With a 3-year-old, and five kids total, I'm not going to quit," he told the Birmingham (Ala.) News. "I've got two years left on this contract, and I'm thinking I'll work maybe three years after that. Seventy would be a good age."

Rivera, currently in Texas tracking Hurricane Ike, hosts Geraldo at Large on Fox News. He also produced and hosted The Geraldo Rivera Show for 11 years. Prominent stories he has covered include the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the Iraqi elections from Baghdad, the O. J. Simpson civil trial, an exclusive interview with Michael Jackson the evening before his trial on child molestations charges, and an investigation into Elvis Presley's death for the news show 20/20.

The world traveler and veteran foreign correspondent says, "I've got my weekend show, and I've got my regular Friday slot on O'Reilly, and if anything big comes up like Gustav, I'll go cover it. I've been to Iraq nine times already." Rivera has also reported breaking news from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Chile, Guatemala, the Philippines, Nicaragua, Lebanon, Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Colombia. But he wouldn't mind slowing down a bit to spend more time with his children. "I have a 3-year-old, so to the extent I can, I also like to be close to home," Rivera says.