Survey: Investors and Noninvestors React Differently to Bailout

Those with money in the market are more optimistic about the economy.


You might think that investors who have spent the past year watching their 401(k)'s hemorrhage would be pessimistic about the economy. But a new series of surveys found that investors are actually more optimistic about the economy than those without any cash in the market.

Here's how investors and noninvestors stacked up on a few questions.

 InvestorsNoninvestorsBelieve economy is in a recession 55 percent72 percentBelieve economy is in a depression19 percent30 percentBelieve economy will get better46 percent32 percentSupport a sweeping bailout51 percent43 percentSupport Fannie and Freddie bailout52 percent46 percentSupport AIG bailout45 percent37 percent

Source: Zogby International, 2008

Note: According to two surveys of over 2,000 likely voters each on September 26-27 and September 19-20