Quiz: Are You Ready to Sign Up for Social Security?

Find out if the Planning to Retire Blogger can stump you.

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Social Security prevents poverty for millions of older Americans. But the rules about when to sign up and how much you get can be complex. Take this quiz to decide if you know the basics or need to spend more time reading up on your retirement options at the Social Security Administration page online.

  1. At what age can you first sign up for Social Security benefits?
    1. For someone currently age 60, how much per year does your Social Security benefit increase for each year you delay claiming between the eligibility age and age 70?
      1. At what age are baby boomers currently age 60 eligible to receive full benefits?
        1. How far in advance do you need to apply before you get your first payment?
          1. Are Social Security benefits taxable?
            1. How much can a 64-year-old earn after signing up for Social Security without altering his or her benefit check amount?
              1. What is the maximum amount (nonworking) spouses of current Social Security recipients may receive?
                1. What is the maximum amount of Social Security surviving spouses may receive?
                  1. If you sign up for Social Security at age 62 but then pay back the money you've received at a later date without interest, you can qualify for higher payments for the rest of your life.
                    1. The Social Security cost of living adjustment is tied to:
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