10 Benefits Your Employer Will Cut Next Year - 401(k) Matches

Companies are slashing jobs, benefits, perks--even the holiday party

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Cut 401(k) matches. Several large companies, including General Motors and Frontier, have stopped contributing to employees' 401(k) plans. Another 4 percent of companies plan to eliminate the match in the next year. "Whether or not your employer is able to match your contribution, it is still of the utmost importance for American workers to continue contributing," says Tom Ruggie, founder and president of Ruggie Wealth Management in Tavares, Fla. "Investors must not forget that the compounding growth of a 401(k) over time will allow them to grow additional assets off of savings they continue to put in." Many companies, including Ford Motor Co. and Charles Schwab, eliminated their 401(k) matches during the last recession, but returned them later when the bottom line improved. Let's hope that employers return these valuable benefits and perks after this downturn as well.


Hiring freezes
Higher health costs
Travel restrictions
Training cuts
Canceled parties
Salary freezes
Reduced merit increases
Pension freezes