Survey: Retirees Have Less Sex

But married retirees still report romance in their lives


Retirement allows you ample opportunity to do the activities you enjoy. Many retirees report spending increased amounts of time traveling, eating out, exercising, volunteering, working on hobbies, watching TV, browsing the internet, conversing with family members, and even sleeping. In fact, a new survey found that there is only one major activity that some retirees engage in less often after exiting the workforce: sex.

Some 22 percent of retirees report having sex less often now that they are retired, according to an AARP survey of 1,064 married adults age 55 to 75 who are retired or living with a retired spouse. But there is a gender difference. Men (25 percent) are significantly more likely than women (19 percent) to say they are having less sex after retirement.

Romance, however, does not appear to fade away among retired couples. Most retirees (77 percent) say they are just as romantic as they were before retirement and another 12 percent report feeling even more romantic without the stress of work.