Get Your 401(k) Match

Here is how to get your retirement plan back on track in 2009


The most common 401(k) match is 50 cents per dollar up to the first 6 percent of pay. If you make $50,000 a year and manage to tuck away $3,000, you can get an extra $1,500 added to your nest egg tax free (until retirement). But some financially struggling companies like General Motors, Kodak, and Frontier Airlines have suspended their 401(k) matches this year. Plus, 4 percent of companies plan to eliminate the match next year, according to a Watson Wyatt survey of 248 companies in October. So, it's particularly important to get the match while you can.

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Delay retirement

Put off claiming Social Security

Avoid early withdrawals

Scrutinize 401(k) fees

Determine your risk tolerance

Rebalance your portfolio

Evaluate your target-date fund

Pay off your mortgage

Get a pension


Bump up your contributions

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