Green Entrepreneurship Start-Up Ideas Abound

It doesn't take a lot of time to enter this booming market.

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Yesterday I wrote (outside of the blog) that the development of green and clean technology is an area that is still booming for entrepreneurs and will continue to boom. This is a space for entrepreneurs of all kinds, from Silicon Valley venture capitalists to people who might have a day job but want to make some money on the side.

How to do the latter? Here's an interesting story about a French entrepreneur who has created a website revolving around the feverish interest in hybrid and other environmentally friendly cars. She says she spends only three hours a day on the site.

Currently, Bertin's site, which is still young in the business, is receiving over 3,000 hits per day and has a list of more than 200 environmental vehicles, while a dozen sales have already been made. For now, the website is far from turning a profit and Bertin, who has invested over 6,000 euros of her own savings in it, is still working for free. But the young woman, who demonstrates a genuine concern for the environment, is placing her hopes in the future. She continues to hope that the site will soon attract advertisers, such as automakers and she has also plans to ask car dealers to pay.

By no means is it a get-rich scheme. But this is just one example of how demand for green technology and services is so high right now that it can be served by smart entrepreneurs with just a little time on their hands. Gas is taxed more heavily in France than in the United States, so there probably has been demand for websites like this for some time. But stateside, I would guess there's still plenty of room for start-ups like this. Get cracking.