Dog Cloning: Business of the Future?

Booger the pit bull's "repetting" could suggest a big moneymaker.

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In other pet news, animal cloning takes a leap forward with the quintupling of Booger the pit bull. Reminds me of the 2000 Schwarzenegger flick The 6th Day, where a mall boutique called RePet lets you walk in with your dead pet and walk out an hour later with your pooch or cat restored to exactly the way it was.

OK, so we're not yet at that point. Bernnan McKinney, the lady who owns Booger, wants us to get there now:

"I had to make sacrifices and I dream of the day, some day when everyone can afford to clone their pet because losing a pet is a terrible, terrible loss to anyone."

I don't know how long McKinney will have to wait or if it will even be in her lifetime, but my bet is that her dream will come true. One thing we've seen by studying the economics of technology is that today's luxuries are tomorrow's everyday goods. Cloning your pet may require you to sell your house today, but someday it may be just another item you buy in the mall.


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