New Business Idea: Pet Sharing

Entrepreneurs should take a look at Zipcar for dogs and cats.


The Wall Street Journal reports on the growing trend of "pet sharing." The article discusses how large hotel chains are organizing this service and how neighborhoods are setting up their own systems of sharing dogs among the residents. Of course, some entrepreneurs have found ways to turn this trend into an enterprise.

Asensia Inc. in Big Sky, Mont., tried to capitalize on demand for shared ownership of pets with its Flexpetz service, which was launched last year, with locations in New York, London, San Diego and Los Angeles. Flexpetz members have taken dogs out for short periods of time for a $100 monthly membership fee, plus $45 a day.

Zipcar has found success with car-sharing programs in major urban areas. So why not have a Zipcar-like program for pets? People's lives are only getting busier. Plus, high gas prices and redeveloping urban centers are pushing people into denser living arrangements. One idea for new enterprises is to extend the model of Zipcar and Flexpetz to other goods that many people don't have the time or space to own.

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