Where Obama and McCain Stand on Small-Business Issues

A comparison of the two candidates on key policy areas.

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The Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council today released a great comparison of the two presidential candidates' positions on the issues that most affect small businesses. While the SBEC is known to support policies that probably more closely resemble McCain's platform, this is a pretty fair list.

From the Obama camp, some of the more interesting stances are:

  • Eliminate all capital gains taxes for small-business start-ups
  • Make R&D tax credit permanent
  • Establish a small-business and microenterprise initiative for rural America—20 percent tax credit for $50,000 investments in small businesses
  • From McCain:

    • Vote of a three-fifths majority in Congress necessary to raise taxes
    • Permanent ban on Internet taxes (more here)
    • Ban cellphone taxes (more here)