Entrepreneur Goes Green With Clean Tech Firm

How one startup is addressing the problem of motorcycles and carbon emissions.


The current "going green" craze is pushing some people to move out of the suburbs, buy more expensive hybrid cars, or give up their cars altogether. But this demand for lower carbon footprints is pushing entrepreneurs to develop ways to reduce emissions without altering one's whole lifestyle.

Out of Livingston County, Mich., comes entrepreneur Kyle Schwulst, whose company ElectroJet fits motorcycles with a special fuel injection system that reduces carbon emissions. His company has been so successful that Schwulst traveled to Beijing to fit police and medical motorcycles there with his system, and manufacturers seem to jumping on board, to the tune of a projected $500 million in sales for ElectroJet. So pretty soon you might not have to feel bad about buying that motorcycle, a vehicle that tends to be emission-heavy.

File this one as another example of how the free market is finding solutions to the problem of global warming.