Wall Street Recession—What Does It Mean?

Small-business owners worry as the market takes a dive.

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Amid the wreckage from the tumultuous markets yesterday, the blogosphere has some thoughts on what this all means for small-business owners.

Kelly Spors at Independent Street says that small and savvy companies have hidden advantages in these times.

Along similar lines, John at Business Opportunities and Ideas explores the chances for creativity that emerge when the economy seems to be in shambles.

Worried about getting start-up seed in this climate? Small Business CEO has some tips on financing.

Even though McCain says the economy's fundamentals are strong, it can't hurt for a small-business owner to reacquaint him or herself with some fundamentals for dealing with a recession, like how to market. BusinessWeek's Nick Leiber has some resources.

And finally, before you bury your treasure in your backyard, Businesspundit has some info on the systems in place to protect your savings and investments.